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Bite-sized Training 2021

We have so many webinars planned, partially written and ready to record, but we wanted to offer clients something different to help with training staff or just reminding staff of the practical steps to take and why they are taking them to meet the compliance standard.

From April 2021 we are offering bite-sized early morning live training sessions for our webinar clients. The session will be between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the interaction of those participating. We will be sending out the GoToMeeting details one week in advance of each session. Each session will be recorded and will be made available once the session has concluded.

We are always open to suggestions and ways to improve our services so please feel free to put forward suggestions about future bite-sized training sessions or give feedback so that we may improve the sessions.

Future sessions (dates to be determined, held at lunchtime, approximately every 3 weeks):

These sessions, both live and recorded, will be available for webinar clients ONLY.

Details of our annual subscriptions and other services are available here.

Past sessions:

For the initial 12 sessions from January to March, each session was available free of charge to current clients who were subscribed to our document packs, technical support or webinars at the date of the training session.

From April each session was available to webinar clients only.